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Vulkan Couplings & Brake Systems (Mar 2015)

Vulkan Agreement

BMG has concluded a new distribution agreement with VULKAN. The VULKAN Group is a leading manufacturer of engineering couplings and braking solutions, specialising in products for high-performance applications offering outstanding reliability under the most difficult operating conditions. These products are very well known in the marine and mining industry and we will be focusing on a specific range of VULKAN products to complement our existing coupling line-up.

... [read more]

The Impact on Productivity (Feb 2015)

3M Personal Protection
Occupational Health and safety in hazardous environments is now universally recognised as a key productivity factor. It is also a key business sustainability risk for enterprises that experience unfortunate workforce injuries and illnesses. ... [read more]

The Science: 3M vs. competitors (Feb 2015)

3M Personal Protection
Respirators provide us with a useful illustration of the productivity impact of personal protection products. ... [read more]

BMG Acquires Klep Valves (Dec 2014)

Klep Valves
BMG – Bearing Man Group - part of Invicta Holdings Limited, has extended its operations in the fluid technology sector, with the recent acquisition of Klep Valves. ... [read more]

BMG Filtration - Graco (Nov 2014)

BMG Filtration Update
Important areas of development for BMG are in beverage filtration and water purification and also in bulk fuel and lubricant oil filtration. ... [read more]

New Peak & folder gluer belts (Oct 2014)

Rapplon Gluer Belts
BMG is exhibiting at the Propak (@PropakCape @ammeraalbeltech) Exhibition at the ICC in Cape Town in October 2014 (BMG stand - Hall 1 stand E6). ... [read more]

New hydraulic control system developed (Oct 2014)

New Hydraulic Control System
BMG’s specialist hydraulics division - BMG Hydraulics – has recently completed the design and manufacture of a new hydraulic control system for precise furnace functions, including temperature control, required during the production of ferrochrome. ... [read more]

BMG 40 year Celebrations and EXPO (Oct 2014)

BMG Expo
BMG’s industrial productivity exhibition, which was held at BMG Park recently, attracted more than 2 000 visitors over the two day event. ... [read more]

BMG invests in Second Seal Maker Machine (Jul 2014)

Seal Maker
BMG – Bearing Man Group – has invested in its second Seal Maker SML 500e machine, each of which has the capability to produce over 180 standardised hydraulic and pneumatic seals, o-rings, back up seals and oil seals, to exact specifications. ... [read more]

BMG Offers Spillage Solutions for Conveyor Belts (Jul 2014)

Spillage Solutions
Spillage at feed and transfer points can exacerbate other problems on conveyor systems. These difficulties include belt wear, build up of material on idlers, increased manual labour requirements for cleaning, belt tracking issues and shortened conveyor product life. ... [read more]

New Rexnord Falk Steelflex couplings (Feb 2014)

Rexnord Falk Steelflex Couplings
BMG’s power transmission division has extended its range of heavy industrial couplings to now include Rexnord Falk Steelflex® couplings. ... [read more]

Agricultural Pivot gear motors (Feb 2014)

Agricultural Pivot Gear Motor
Getting the correct amount of water on your crop at the right time is crucial to producing top results ... [read more]

The Farmer’s Favourite V-Belt (Feb 2014)

PowerTwist Plus
Farm equipment has a way of knowing when you’re kilometres from the farm and the sky is threatening – that’s when your drive belt breaks. ... [read more]

Kabelschlepp Systems on steel straightening mills (Feb 2014)

Kabelschlepp Steel Mill
BMG has recently completed the installation of a new steel cable carrier system at a straightening mill at one of the largest steel producers in Africa. ... [read more]

Smart Farming - Boer Slim (Jan 2014)

Smart Farming - Boer Slim
So what exactly is Smart Farming? It is a concept BMG has developed to demonstrate our commitment in providing you with an extra valued service - BMG is more than just an average spares shop that only supplies commodities. ... [read more]

BMG's new chain assembly facility (Jan 2014)

BMG has established a new facility at BMG Park in Johannesburg, where special attachment chains are assembled, to exact requirements, in less than one week. ... [read more]

Tsubaki Pin Gear Drive Units (@TsubakiChain) (Nov 2013)

Tsubaki Pin Gear Drive
BMG’s comprehensive range of Tsubaki power transmission components now includes recently launched pin gear drive units that replace conventional gear rack systems. ... [read more]

Invicta Holdings Realigns Directors (Nov 2013)

Charles Walters
The Invicta Holdings board today announced a restructure of the responsibilities of their directors, along with encouraging Interim results. “Invicta continues to produce positive results for its shareholders, and the re-alignment of the roles of the directors is in line with our growth and succession strategy for the future,” says CEO Arnold Goldstone. “We are privileged to have such depth in our management team”. ... [read more]

Excellence at Work (Nov 2013)

Excellence at Work
As part of BMG’s vision to be a leading technical solutions provider, we are proud of the BMG Academy of Excellence through which we provide accredited technical skills training for staff and customers in diverse industries. The company’s strategic need extends to the development of scarce and critical skills and the ability to harness the intellectual property from experienced staff who have worked in the industry for many years. ... [read more]

Learning to be Part of the Process (Nov 2013)

Part of the Process
PROTEC was started over 30 years ago in Soweto in order to help school leavers from disadvantaged communities to prepare for and successfully embark on careers in Science, Engineering and Technology. The early success of the project soon led to its expansion into a national programme. By 1990 there were PROTEC programmes running in 26 disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. ... [read more]

BMG Hydraulics overhauls mill relining machine (Nov 2013)

Mill Relining Machine
BMG Hydraulics, part of BMG – Bearing Man Group - offers the mining sector a comprehensive service for hydraulic systems that combines quality branded components, hydraulic engineering and contamination control, as well as a test and repair service, to ensure optimum performance and extended service life. ... [read more]

Weather Watch (Oct 2013)

Kobus Botha Weather
Kobus Botha is a retired professor in Agriculture and the previous dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the former Pretoria University of Technology. ... [read more]

'At Last Farm' Case Study (Oct 2013)

At Last Farm Study
‘At Last Farm’ in the Northern Cape uses BMG to save energy and increase production capacity. ... [read more]

BMG appointed exclusive Rexon distributor (Oct 2013)

Rexon Belts
BMG Automotive has been appointed exclusive distributors in Africa of Rexon automotive belts. ... [read more]

BMG secures housed bearings distribution (@Timken) (Oct 2013)

Timken Bearings
BMG – Bearing Man Group – has secured the distribution and service agreements with some of the world’s most respected manufacturers of bearings. ... [read more]

BMG Automotive supplies BEST tyre sealant (Oct 2013)

BEST Tyre Sealant
BMG Automotive has extended its range of quality branded components to now include an environmentally-friendly tyre protection sealant, designed for commercial trucking, mining and construction industries. ... [read more]

Power solutions for all sectors of industry (Oct 2013)

Power Solutions
Wegezi has been providing Power Solutions to Industry for more than three decades. ... [read more]

BMG hosts open day 2013 (Sep 2013)

BMG Open Day
BMG recently hosted its annual two day open day event for customers to showcase the company’s extensive product range and service divisions - bearings, seals, power transmission components, electric and geared motors, belting, filtration and hydraulics, as well as fasteners, tools and technical resources. ... [read more]

BMG Partners with Parker Hannifin Corporation (Sep 2013)

Parker Hannifin 2013
BMG – Bearing Man Group – has announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with global motion and control specialists, Parker Hannifin Corporation. ... [read more]

SASTA 2013 Roundup (Aug 2013)

Sasta Roundup 2013
The 2013 SASTA Congress took place in Durban on 6 – 8 August and was once again a huge success. ... [read more]

Fluid Power - Valve Solutions (Aug 2013)

Fluid Power Divisions
Through BMG’s acquisition of OMSA in 2012, the company’s newly established Fluid Power division plays an important role within the Bearing Man Group. ... [read more]

SASTA Congress 2013 (Aug 2013)

The South African Sugar Technologists’ Association was founded 87 years ago to improve and share knowledge of sugar cane growing and processing in South Africa. Every year hard working technologists, scientists and engineers spend many hours studying and researching aspects of the sugar industry which trouble or interest them to find new or improved solutions to the problems of the day. ... [read more]

OMSA Butterfly Valves (Aug 2013)

OMSA Butterfly Valves
Valves and instrumentation specialist OMSA, acquired by BMG earlier this year has developed new technology to serve the sugar industry. ... [read more]

Halo Seal Gaskets (Aug 2013)

Halo Seal Gasket
The Halo Seal is a revolutionary, patented sealing product that comprises of a sealing element based on Kamprofile Technology and a unique, reusable outer ring. This feature allows the sealing element to be easily removed and replaced thus reducing the life cycle cost considerably. ... [read more]

Mekrolek Rotary Couplings (Aug 2013)

Mekrolek rotary couplings or rotary joints are designed to provide a reliable, leak-free seal between a stationary supply and a rotating work piece. These robust rotary couplings - available in mono and dual flow configurations, and threaded, flanged or quick release options – can be manufactured in various materials, including stainless steel, brass and aluminium. ... [read more]

World Class Production Efficiency (Jun 2013)

World Class Production Efficiency
WCPE combines two key areas, namely energy efficiency and reliability engineering to offer our customers maximum plant utilisation at the lowest possible energy consumption. ... [read more]

Time, Process and Energy Efficiency (Jun 2013)

World Class Production Efficiency
As everyone knows efficiency is the ratio of outputs to inputs. In the sugar industry we are interested in at least three kinds of efficiency ... [read more]

Improving Water use Efficiently through Research (Jun 2013)

Water Saving
We present several SASRI research projects which are aimed at providing the sugarcane farmer with the knowledge and tools to assist with more efficient water use ... [read more]

Industrial Bearings, Repair & Reclamation (Jun 2013)

Suagr Industry & Bearings
Comprehensive bearing offering and repair and reclamation services to help save you time and money. ... [read more]

African and International Sugar Industry News (May 2013)

The past month has seen a lot of activity in the North African and Arab world of sugar. In this edition we will focus on that part of the world. ... [read more]

Unrivalled Slow Speed Condition Monitoring (May 2013)

BMG have a unique trade in offer on SPM Leonova and Leonova Infinity products for a limited time period only. ... [read more]

Part of the Mhlume Sugar Mill Process (May 2013)

A recent project at the Mhlume Sugar Mill, owned by the Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation, demonstrates BMG’s commitment to quality components, technical expertise and superior service. ... [read more]

Tsubaki Sugar Mill Carrier Chain (May 2013)

Tsubakimoto Chain Co, established in 1917, is the world's premiere manufacturer and developer of power transmission products, with strong market positions in premium-quality roller chain, engineered chain, conveyor chain, motorcycle chain, various special application chains. ... [read more]

Extending our heat exchanger business (Apr 2013)

Blockfin Heat Exchangers
BMG’s focus on extending its heat exchange business encompasses a new arrangement where SA Heat Exchange provides a manufacture, refurbishment and repair service for BMG to all industries, particularly to the sugar sector. ... [read more]

Tool range now includes Atlas Copco turbo grinders (Mar 2013)

Atlas Copco Turbo Grinders
New to the BMG range of fasteners and tools are Atlas Copco turbo grinders, designed for high performance grinding, cutting and sanding, even in confined spaces. ... [read more]

New Tool & Equipment Retail Stores (Mar 2013)

Tool & Equipment Retail Stores
With BMG’s acquisition of Man-Dirk last year, the company has significantly extended its service in the tooling and equipment sector. ... [read more]

BMG Extends Range with Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators (Jan 2013)

Tsubaki Zip Chain
BMG has extended its range of mechanical power cylinders to include the recently launched eco-friendly Tsubaki Zip Chain actuators, which are linear actuators that utilise the world’s first zip chain. BMG has extended its range of mechanical power cylinders to include the recently launched eco-friendly Tsubaki Zip Chain actuators, which are linear actuators that utilise the world’s first zip chain. ... [read more]

Fenner Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers (Dec 2012)

Fenner SMSR
Fenner, a leading brand in BMG’s extensive range of power transmission components, marks 85 years of service in South Africa. ... [read more]

Varvel Hollow Output Shaft Reducers (Nov 2012)


BMG, exclusive distributors in Southern Africa for Varvel, has extended its range of Varvel right-angled worm and in-line helical geared products to now include a new series of hollow output shaft speed reducers.

... [read more]

BMG Acquires Man-Dirk (Nov 2012)

Man-Dirk Acquisition

Man-Dirk’s Randfontein head office is supported by a network of 21 branches in South Africa and Mozambique, of which eight are Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) sites. “One of the fundamental strategic decisions taken by BMG to enhance the product offering and services to our customers was the importance of onsite VMI operations,” says Ian King, sales and marketing director for BMG. “Man-Dirk’s strategic locations significantly improve supply chain performance and also have the benefit of reducing a customer’s total cost of ownership, making it a very attractive addition to the substantial BMG offering. The company also exports to Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo.” ... [read more]

NSK High Precision Bearings - Machine Tools (Oct 2012)

NSK High Precision Machine Tools

BMG’s bearings division distributes a comprehensive range of quality branded bearings designed for efficient performance and extended service life in diverse industries, including the machine tools industry. ... [read more]

Introducing the IE2 Synergy Series Motor Range (Sep 2012)

Synergy IE2 Motors
Drives has extended its range of electric motors with the introduction of its premium specification Synergy series. This new generation product range incorporates high level specifications and features. ... [read more]

BMG Acquires Gasket & Allied Products (Sep 2012)

BMG has further expanded its business into the gaskets sector, with the recent acquisition of Gasket & Allied Products (Pty) Limited (GAP). ... [read more]

BMG Extends its seals product range (Aug 2012)

Mekrolek Couplings
BMG’s seals division has extended its range of sealing products to now include Mekrolek rotary couplings. ... [read more]

OST's Efficient Spillage Solutions (Jul 2012)

Sugar Focus
BMG’s OST’s range of materials handling, screen and transmission products, includes an efficient spillage solution, designed to prevent production losses during materials handling in diverse sectors. ... [read more]

BMG Belting - Sugar Focus (Jun 2012)

Sugar Focus
“BMG’s specialist belting division boasts a depth of experience in the sugar industry through years of involvement in the conveying aspects associated with sugar cane processing and refinement,” says Donovan Scott, general manager, BMG’s belting division. “The belting division’s service to the local sugar sector is underpinned by a broad range of quality products, a technically competent team and a 24 hour support service. ... [read more]

Federal-Mogul appoints BMG official distributor. (Jun 2012)

Hydraulic Braking Systems
BMG has been appointed by Federal-Mogul as a distributor of the Ferodo range of automotive hydraulic components. ... [read more]

BMG launches new manufacture & repair facility (Apr 2012)

Hydraulic & Pneumatic cylinders
BMG Hydraulics has extended its service to industry by opening a special facility at the company’s Benrose centre for the servicing, repair and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. ... [read more]

BMG distributes Loctite Sealants & Adhesives (Mar 2012)

BMG has been appointed distributors of the comprehensive range of Loctite branded sealants and adhesives in Southern Africa. ... [read more]

Nord-Lock bolt systems for pumping equipment (Feb 2012)

BMG’s Nord-Lock bolt securing system is used extensively in pumps and pumping equipment to enhance efficient operation and absolute reliability. ... [read more]

BMG includes robust Megaroller idlers to the range (Feb 2012)

BMG’s belting division has extended its range of components designed specially for the conveying of heavy minerals, to now include robust Megaroller idlers which ensure reliable operation, low maintenance requirements and extended service life. ... [read more]

BMG supplies all components for the Mining Sector (Feb 2012)

BMG has taken important steps to enhance efficiencies in key areas of operations - including bulk handling in the mining sector - by merging its various engineering businesses into one division, under which these hubs now operate. ... [read more]

BMG Thinks 'In The Box' (Feb 2012)

BMG Container Store
BMG is set to launch the first of its container retail stores in Ratanda Township, Heidelburg. ... [read more]

BMG Distributes RYCO Hose & Fittings (Feb 2012)

Ryco Hose & Fittings
New to the BMG Hydraulics range of quality branded hydraulics and pneumatic components are RYCO Hydraulics fittings and hoses that enhance BMG’s service to diverse industries in Southern Africa. ... [read more]

SPM EX devices for hazardous environments (Jan 2012)

BMG’s technical resources division has extended its range of SPM condition monitoring systems to include the new intrinsically safe VibChecker and BearingChecker portable instruments, designed for safe and reliable use in hazardous environments.

... [read more]

BMG now an exclusive local distributor of Garlock (Jan 2012)

“BMG has been an official distributor of the Garlock range of seals and sealing systems since 2006 and we are pleased to now be the exclusive local distributor for these products, which are manufactured in the USA and Europe to stringent global quality and safety specifications,” says Ken Steel, general manager of BMG’s seals division. ... [read more]

2011 Customer Survey Winner (Nov 2011)

Mr Naiker from Sappi is the lucky winner of an APPLE IPAD 2 courtesy of BMG. ... [read more]

Danfoss VLT Drives for Energy Saving (Nov 2011)

BMG Drives, distributors of Danfoss electronic variable speed drive systems, offers the local market a range of energy efficient products designed to enhance food preservation, care for the environment, improve comfort and optimise productivity. ... [read more]

Pumps for Paper and Pulp Industry (Nov 2011)

BMG’s range of Discflo pumps, which is designed for the efficient pumping of abrasive, viscous and high solids fluids in diverse industries, is particularly well suited for the demands of the pulp and paper sector. ... [read more]

BMG Stocks Quality Branded Gaskets (Nov 2011)

Included in BMG’s extensive range of sealing products are quality branded gaskets, designed for reliability, chemical and corrosion resistance, extended service life and easy installation. ... [read more]

Nord ATEX Compliant Gear Units & Motors (Oct 2011)

BMG Drives, a division of the Bearing Man Group, specialises in the supply and assembly of industrial gearboxes and electric motors that ensure optimum performance of energy efficient mechanical speed control in demanding applications on the mines. ... [read more]

BMG is now a Level 3 BEE contributor (Oct 2011)

Bearing Man Group, a division of Humulani Marketing (Pty) Ltd, has enhanced its certification as a BEE level five contributor to achieve recognition as a level three contributor this year. ... [read more]

Tsubaki Backstop Clutches Meeting Mining Standards (Sep 2011)

“The Mine Health and Safety Act states that the installation of incline conveyor belts must include the fitting and use of one or more devices to prevent run-back or run-on to prevent injury by materials or minerals falling from a conveyor belt,” says Carlo Beukes, BMG’s power transmission product manager. “Tsubaki back stop cam clutches - designed for safety in high or low speed applications meet the requirements of this legislation.” ... [read more]

BMG Distributes Webb Automatic Guided Carts (Aug 2011)

BMG has extended its range of Webb conveyor systems to now include automatic guided carts, ideal for moving products on an assembly line and for transporting goods around a plant, distribution centre or warehouse. ... [read more]

CargoWorks gives BMG a Great Branding Opportunity (Aug 2011)

As a valued customer to them and thanks to a great working relationship, Cargo Works have given BMG a great branding opportunity on one of their trucks that does the regular Durban / Jhb shuttle route. So look out for this massive moving billboard on the highway – proudly BMG! ... [read more]

Official TRW Braking System Distributor (Aug 2011)

Hot off the press: BMG is awarded official distributorship for TRW brake discs and pads in Sub Saharan Africa. Marco Loth, TRW's General Manager MEA for the automotive aftermarket seals the deal with John Black, BMG’s Automotive Divisional Manager. TRW Automotive Aftermarket is a division of TRW Automotive and is the leading supplier of Corner Module parts into the aftermarket, and supports this offer with maintenance, diagnostics, training and technical support, whether for the independent aftermarket or official OEM networks. ... [read more]

BMG - The exclusive distributors for QM Bearings (Jul 2011)

BMG, Bearing Man Group - exclusive distributors of QM Bearings throughout Southern Africa, supplies the range of QM Blue Brute spherical roller housed units to diverse industries. ... [read more]

BMG Hydraulics distributes a wide range of valves (Jul 2011)

BMG Hydraulics distributes a wide range of valves that withstands operation in rigorous applications, ensuring reliable and continuous performance in the most demanding industries. ... [read more]

BMG Drives adds VLT Decentral to Range (Jun 2011)

New to BMG’s Danfoss range is the VLT® decentral drive FCD 302, designed for installations where multiple AC motors are spread around a facility. Typical applications include bottling, food preparation and packaging plants, as well as for airport baggage handling. ... [read more]

Danfoss VLT OneGear Drive (Jun 2011)

The Danfoss VLT OneGearDrive system, now available from BMG Drives, is designed for use in transport and conveying applications in various industries, particularly in the food and beverage sector. ... [read more]

BMG launches Huck Bobtail (May 2011)

BMG’s fasteners division has extended its product portfolio to include new brands of fasteners, tooling and abrasive products. ... [read more]

BMG Releases new IE2 Motors (May 2011)

BMG Drives has launched a new generation of energy efficient electric motors – the IE2 range - which is distinguishable by a yellow cowl. ... [read more]

BMG opens Engineering Hubs Nationally (May 2011)

As part of BMG’s programme to develop and fulfil strategic objectives, the Bearing Man Group has opened specialist engineering hubs throughout the country. These engineering hubs have been formed by the consolidation of BMG Drives and BMG Belting’s business to support the company’s recently launched ‘world class production efficiency’ initiative. ... [read more]

BMG supplies chain for Illovo Sugar Sezela (Apr 2011)

BMG has recently supplied 2 600 meters of Tsubaki chain to the Illovo Sugar Sezela Mill in KwaZulu-Natal. ... [read more]

Monitoring & measuring contamination (Mar 2011)

BMG Filtration’s comprehensive range of Pall diagnostic equipment for monitoring and measuring contamination of hydraulic, lubricating and insulating fluids is supported by a full technical advisory and support service throughout Southern Africa. ... [read more]

Danfoss takes a Smart approach on applications (Feb 2011)

In the new VLT® AutomationDrive series of frequency converters Danfoss has integrated a new feature to not only simplify the initial commissioning, but also for a faster start after a reset to factory settings: the “Smart Application Setup” feature. The aim is to further simplify the configuration and parameterization of the drive. ... [read more]

Danfoss IP55 and IP66 Drives Slimmed Down (Jan 2011)

Danfoss VLT Drives offers a compact A4 enclosure in protection class IP55/66 in the FC series down to 0.25 kW. The A4 enclosure weighs 9.4 kg where the A5 weighs 14 kg. ... [read more]

New AutomationDrive Ignition protection (Jan 2011)

Danfoss VLT Drives introduces a new current limiting feature for the VLT® AutomationDrive. The feature makes it easier to apply “Ex-e” motors instead of the more expensive “Ex-d” motors. ... [read more]

New Danfoss Cascade Pump Controllers (Jan 2011)

Through the recent acquisition of Velo Control, BMG Drives has extended its product portfolio to include Danfoss electronic variable speed drive systems. ... [read more]

Edith Benson Kids Christmas (Dec 2010)

BMG hosts a Christmas party every year for under-privileged children. This year’s cheerful event, which was held at the company’s Umhlanga Ridge head office, was a special treat for 60 excited children from the Edith Benson Baby Home in Sherwood, Durban. ... [read more]

BMG Acquires Velo Control (Dec 2010)

BMG has extended its interests in the electronics sector, with the recent acquisition of Velo Control, specialists in drives and instrumentation. ... [read more]

BMG Introduces new NSK HPS bearings (Oct 2010)

BMG’s comprehensive range of quality branded bearings for use diverse applications encompasses NSK spherical roller bearings, which ensure efficient operation and extended service life in all environments, including harsh conditions. ... [read more]

BMG @ Electra Mining 2010 (Oct 2010)

BMG’s stand at this year’s Electra Mining exhibition focused on the company’s technical solutions-driven service and also showcased newly acquired products which have strengthened the company’s position in the electrical, hydraulic and energy efficiency sectors. ... [read more]

BMG Hydraulics appointed Enerpac Distributor (Sep 2010)

BMG Hydraulics has been appointed as a distributor - throughout South Africa and sub Saharan Africa - of the Enerpac range of hydraulic cylinders, pumps and related products. ... [read more]

BMG Technical Resources launches Field Services (Sep 2010)

BMG’s specialist technical resources division, which provides and supports total process solutions across the entire BMG product range, has launched a new field services facility. ... [read more]

Hallite 506 Bearing Strips (Aug 2010)

BMG’s seals division, exclusive distributors in Southern Africa for Hallite Seals, supplies a range of versatile bearing strips, available in many different lengths and sizes, to enhance performance of hydraulic equipment. ... [read more]

Hallite 780 Double Acting Piston Seal (Aug 2010)

New to BMG’s range of sealing products are Hallite double acting piston seals with a robust assembly for efficient operation, reduced wear resistance and extended service life on any hydraulic cylinder application. ... [read more]

Invicta Holdings posts positive results (Jun 2010)

Industrial giant, Invicta Holdings Limited, has announced positive audited Group results for the year ended 31 March 2010. ... [read more]

BMG Acquires Turnkey Hydraulics KZN (Apr 2010)

BMG’s latest strategic acquisition is the purchase of a 70% stake in Turnkey Hydraulics (KZN) (Pty) Limited, which operates as BMG Hydraulics KZN, effective from 1 April 2010. ... [read more]

Christmas Parties For Durban Children's Homes (Jan 2010)

BMG’s Durban head office organised Christmas functions at the end of last year for two local children’s homes - the St Thomas Home for Children in Sydenham and the Albert Park Day Care Centre. ... [read more]

BMG wins at Sasta (Sep 2009)

BMG has won the best stand award at the SASTA (SA Sugar Technologists Association) Congress for the second consecutive year. ... [read more]

Duff Feeders for material handling in mining (Sep 2009)

BMG is the exclusive distributor in Southern Africa of Oscillating System Technology Africa’s product range, which ensures optimum performance, reduced production losses and minimal downtime in materials handling applications in the mining sector. ... [read more]

Dinamic Oil for off shore mining & shipping (Aug 2009)

BMG, with a national network of over 100 branches, supports this range with a technical advisory and 24 hour back up service. ... [read more]

Flexco belt cleaning for diverse applications (Aug 2009)

BMG’s specialist belting division distributes the Flexco belt cleaning range, which provides reliable solutions to cleaning, splicing, belt slippage and other maintenance problems. These pre-cleaners, secondary cleaners and speciality cleaners ensure optimum performance of all belt conveyor applications in diverse industries. ... [read more]

BMG Attains level 5 BEE Status (Aug 2009)

“This accredited status level means that BMG has a BBBEE procurement recognition level of 80%. In essence, customers can recognise 80% of their expenditure with the Bearing Man Group towards their own preferential procurement spend in their scorecards,” says Ian King, Sales Director of BMG, a subsidiary of Invicta Holdings. ... [read more]

MG200 Series heat exchangers (Jul 2009)

Included in the BMG Hydraulics product portfolio are Emmegi air-to-oil heat exchangers, designed for cooling hydraulic oil and other fluids that have to function continuously in harsh conditions ... [read more]

BMG launches BMG Hydraulics (Jul 2009)

BMG – Bearing Man Group - which acquired Goldquest International Hydraulics (Pty) Limited last year year, has just launched a new name for this specialist division - BMG Hydraulics. ... [read more]

Conveyor drives for Foskor Project (May 2009)

BMG’s project division has secured the order from Foskor for conveyor drives that will meet the demands of heavy-duty shock load drive applications at the company’s Phosphate rock miner and processor expansion project in Limpopo. ... [read more]

BMG's Service to the Automotive Sector (May 2009)

As part of BMG’s re-brand and rationalisation programme, the company has broadened its range of automotive components to include prop shaft support bearings that are now available to the aftermarket from BMG’s national branch network, as well as through carefully selected automotive retail outlets. ... [read more]

Tsubaki Lubrication-Free Roller Chain (Apr 2009)

BMG has extended its portfolio of chain products to include the new third generation of Tsubaki lubrication-free free roller chain, designed for high power transmission efficiency and reduced downtime in the food manufacturing sector, where product contamination cannot be tolerated. ... [read more]

Nord Drives For Sewage Plants (Apr 2009)

BMG Drives supplies a range of drives designed specially for optimum efficiency in sewage treatment applications. ... [read more]

Eskom votes BMG (Feb 2009)

Eskom DSM has announced that BMG – Bearing Man Group - is now a supplier of Fenner energy efficient electric motors for Eskom’s national energy efficiency programme. ... [read more]

BMG and FENNER celebrate together (Jan 2009)

BMG – Bearing Man Group – which acquired FPT Distribution SA (Fenner Power Transmission) ten years ago, also celebrates 80 years of the Fenner brand in Southern Africa. ... [read more]

Professional technical engineering solution (Nov 2008)

The Bearing Man Group (BMG) - previously known as Bearing Man - recently announced its rebranding and new look group logo at the Johannesburg-based Electra Mining Exhibition in September this year. ... [read more]

BMG gives back to the Community (Nov 2008)

Outdated Bearing Man corporate clothing and gifts were donated to Africa Cares For Life at the organisation’s annual conference held in Durban recently. ... [read more]

BMG Aquires Transon Heat Exchangers (Oct 2008)

BMG – Bearing Man Group – has acquired Transon, leading manufacturers of versatile heat exchanger systems, which are based on the latest heat transfer and process technology. ... [read more]

Nord ATEX compliant gear units and motors - mining (Sep 2008)

BMG Drives, a division of the Bearing Man Group, specialises in the supply and assembly of industrial gearboxes and electric motors that ensure optimum performance of energy efficient mechanical speed control in demanding applications on the mines. Included in the Nord range are ATEX compliant gear units, motors and frequency inverters that enable safe and efficient operation in hazardous environments. ... [read more]

Bearing Man soars to greater heights as BMG (Sep 2008)

Bearing Man unveils its electrifying new corporate identity and will now be known as BMG with a new logo reflecting the consolidation of the various brands owned by the Bearing Man Group. ... [read more]

BMG Highveld Classic Announcement (Sep 2008)

Read about the exciting changes BMG has made to its signature sponsorship of the annual Sunshine Tour. ... [read more]

on Charles Walters, CEO, BMG. (Sep 2008)

Charles Walters’ international experience and his immense expertise ideally prepared him for the challenges he faced in a new country and a new industry, with assets totalling R650-million and over 1800 employees. ... [read more]

The Launch of the BMG Academy of Excellence (Aug 2008)

Introducing the new BMG Academy of Excellence aimed at instilling a culture of learning and knowledge sharing through technical skills training focussed on sales, service, management and financial skills. ... [read more]

BMG Company Profile (Jul 2008)

A truly inspirational South African success story – and still growing strong! The Bearing Man Group is a truly inspirational success story, growing from humble beginnings as a modest bearings shop in Durban, opened by husband and wife team Greg and Lorelle Till in 1974, to one of Africa’s leading distributors of dynamic engineering consumable products. ... [read more]

BMG’s Energy Efficient Power Transmission (Feb 2008)

BMG’s energy efficient products ensure optimum efficiency, reduced power consumption, low maintenance and extended service life. ... [read more]

Bearing Man BEE Announcement (May 2007)

Bearing Man secures a multi-million rand BEE transaction, which will empower and develop our staff, injects substantial cash into the group and unlock new opportunities that will stimulate future growth of business.” ... [read more]