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Energy Efficency

Power solutions for all sectors of industry (Oct 2013)

Power Solutions
Wegezi has been providing Power Solutions to Industry for more than three decades. ... [read more]

World Class Production Efficiency (Jun 2013)

World Class Production Efficiency
WCPE combines two key areas, namely energy efficiency and reliability engineering to offer our customers maximum plant utilisation at the lowest possible energy consumption. ... [read more]

Time, Process and Energy Efficiency (Jun 2013)

World Class Production Efficiency
As everyone knows efficiency is the ratio of outputs to inputs. In the sugar industry we are interested in at least three kinds of efficiency ... [read more]

Improving Water use Efficiently through Research (Jun 2013)

Water Saving
We present several SASRI research projects which are aimed at providing the sugarcane farmer with the knowledge and tools to assist with more efficient water use ... [read more]

Industrial Bearings, Repair & Reclamation (Jun 2013)

Suagr Industry & Bearings
Comprehensive bearing offering and repair and reclamation services to help save you time and money. ... [read more]

BMG includes robust Megaroller idlers to the range (Feb 2012)

BMGs belting division has extended its range of components designed specially for the conveying of heavy minerals, to now include robust Megaroller idlers which ensure reliable operation, low maintenance requirements and extended service life. ... [read more]

SPM EX devices for hazardous environments (Jan 2012)

BMGs technical resources division has extended its range of SPM condition monitoring systems to include the new intrinsically safe VibChecker and BearingChecker portable instruments, designed for safe and reliable use in hazardous environments.

... [read more]

Danfoss VLT Drives for Energy Saving (Nov 2011)

BMG Drives, distributors of Danfoss electronic variable speed drive systems, offers the local market a range of energy efficient products designed to enhance food preservation, care for the environment, improve comfort and optimise productivity. ... [read more]

New Danfoss Cascade Pump Controllers (Jan 2011)

Through the recent acquisition of Velo Control, BMG Drives has extended its product portfolio to include Danfoss electronic variable speed drive systems. ... [read more]

BMG Introduces new NSK HPS bearings (Oct 2010)

BMGs comprehensive range of quality branded bearings for use diverse applications encompasses NSK spherical roller bearings, which ensure efficient operation and extended service life in all environments, including harsh conditions. ... [read more]

Tsubaki Lubrication-Free Roller Chain (Apr 2009)

BMG has extended its portfolio of chain products to include the new third generation of Tsubaki lubrication-free free roller chain, designed for high power transmission efficiency and reduced downtime in the food manufacturing sector, where product contamination cannot be tolerated. ... [read more]

Eskom votes BMG (Feb 2009)

Eskom DSM has announced that BMG Bearing Man Group - is now a supplier of Fenner energy efficient electric motors for Eskoms national energy efficiency programme. ... [read more]

Nord ATEX compliant gear units and motors - mining (Sep 2008)

BMG Drives, a division of the Bearing Man Group, specialises in the supply and assembly of industrial gearboxes and electric motors that ensure optimum performance of energy efficient mechanical speed control in demanding applications on the mines. Included in the Nord range are ATEX compliant gear units, motors and frequency inverters that enable safe and efficient operation in hazardous environments. ... [read more]